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How We Support You

For Businesses

Performance Consulting

Performance consulting is a process in which learning organizations partner with internal or external clients to achieve strategic results through the optimization of workforce performance in support of business goals.

We work with our clients to understand the initial issue then investigate the workplace for areas of inefficiency, determining the cause(s) of the performance gap, and providing recommendations for solutions. Once an approach is selected, the next step of performance consulting may involve the design, development, and implementation of the solution to bridge the performance gap.

The purpose of performance consulting is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational talent. Solutions should positively translate to higher productivity and engagement, lower costs in resources, and increased profitability. Contact us today about Performance Consulting for your organization.

Talent Management

Obtaining and retaining top talent in today’s aggressive market for talent provides a competitive advantage. To achieve this goal an organization must unlock and leverage the unique skills, talents, and experiences of its workforce. This is not just for leaders, or potential leaders, but for all individuals.

There are many ways to manage talent including training, coaching, and repurposing. People want to feel respected, valued, accomplished, and engaged. We will work closely with you to challenge convention and develop a solution with positive long-term effect and results. We can work with your internal training staff to provide the necessary training, coaching, and materials to ensure their success. We also provide development and facilitation services to assist with implementation as needed. Our focus is to assist you with developing strategies and processes for outstanding talent management from recruiting to developing and maintaining your top talent while supporting your business objectives. Contact us to learn more about Talent Management for your business.

Our Talent Management Services include:

  • Developing processes and strategies related to pre-employment screening, hiring, and retention strategies.
  • Workforce planning and development.
  • Training employees to meet current and future organizational demands.
  • Global mindset, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Leadership development, succession planning, knowledge management and measurement systems.

Development Programs & Workshops

New Hire Training & On-Boarding

New Hire Training and on-boarding employees with the right orientation training can be crucial for your business. We can help your training department prepare new employees and positively impact their behavior so new hires quickly move from preparation to performance.

Our consulting and custom training development expertise spans in many industries, including business administration, education, talent acquisition & development, retail, hospitality, creative arts, entertainment, healthcare, service, systems training, and military. Developing new hire training can be challenging so we ensure our new hire training programs are developed with flexibility for easy updating as training needs evolve. Contact us now for more about New Hire Training for your business.


Organizations with an engaged and productive workforce experience high profitability and retention of top talent. GO Consulting is the partner your organization needs to develop more effective employee, management, and leadership training programs and strategies for motivating employees. Our programs are ideal for businesses that wish to provide world-class customer service, enhance the skills of its supervisors and managers, and help new members or long-term staff members develop presentation, communication, and other “soft skills.” Select from one of our own core programs or have us customize a workshop for you to achieve your desired outcomes. Contact us now to learn more about workshops and training for your organization.

We design all of our programs based on adult learning principals and instructional design fundamentals.

Leadership Development

Your leadership development initiatives and leaders’ success can’t be arbitrarily defined or separated from the business. We assess what makes leaders successful aligned with your organizational strategy. We will start by analyzing organizational objectives and key business challenges then use that information to establish the experience, behaviors, and competencies needed for leaders to be successful in your organization. With this information an effective leadership development strategy can be developed. Contact us today find out how we can help you with Leadership Development.

Diversity & Inclusion

The definition for “diversity” and “inclusion” is often dependent on how organizational leadership chooses to identify each term. In general, diversity encompasses all the ways we differ. Differences include internal characteristics or those we cannot change, and external characteristics or those for which we have influence. Diversity includes anything that makes us unique; perspectives, beliefs, values, etc. Inclusion is the practical application of diversity concepts to create an environment of respect, participation, and engagement. In the workplace, talent is respected and leveraged for the richness of perspectives, innovation, and contribution to create business value. Diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand for long-term success. 

Workshop topics for Diversity & Inclusion: 

  • Stereotypes & Biases – Awareness & Understanding
  • Unconscious Bias & Micro-inequities – Removing the Barriers
  • Communication Skills for an Inclusive Workplace
  • Also see Unconventional Expert™ on how to identify, communicate, and leverage employee skills, strengths, and experience. 

Our team is comprised of Diversity & Inclusion experts and strategists for D&I initiatives and workshops. Contact us today to speak about Diversity & Inclusion workshops for your organization. 

Ready-To-Train Modules

We are able to design, develop, and deliver custom training and workshops based on your needs and desired outcomes. Additionally, our ready-to-train modules are a cost effective options, available for immediate facilitation, and fully customizable to your organizational needs and branding. These modules can be facilitated internally as we provide train-the-trainer, or our world-class experienced trainers can facilitate the materials as needed. Select from the many topics available: