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For Individuals

Career Coaching & Core Programs

We have career focused workshops available including our own IISAS Program (Interviewing is a Skill) and Unconventional Expert™ series. You can learn more about the modules below. For more information regarding individual career coaching click on the link below to learn about available programs.

IISAS Program (Interviewing is a Skill)

Hiring managers and staff spend hours, sometimes days, learning to deliver behavioral-based interviews, but who is teaching YOU to be successful during these interviews?

IISAS will prepare you with the tools and techniques you need to master the interview and give you the edge you need to confidently stand out from the crowd.

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Unconventional Expert™

Unconventional Expert™ is a concept and workshop created by Tracy Celaya to communicate the value of your unique areas of expertise. She believes, “Embracing personal multiplicity is being comfortable with all the amazing things that make you who you are…your brilliance, talent, passions, experiences, hobbies, desires, goals…everything. It’s liberating, relieving, and serves as the foundation to creating your ideal career, business, and life!”

This workshop is available to individuals as a self-paced online course. Unconventional Expert™ will take participants through activities for uncovering their unconventional expertise and learning how to communicate these engaging competencies to others. The results of this workshop, activities, and new behaviors are the basis for leveraging personal strengths, skills, and experiences to find or create a career path of choice!


  • Define Unconventional Expert™
  • Identify personal unconventional expertise
  • Determine how UE competencies apply to a career
  • Discover methods for communicating UE concepts to others
  • Identify ways to leverage UE competencies in a career or business as an entrepreneur
  • Discuss how UE concepts and competencies contribute to individual productivity, engagement, and careers of choice

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Individual Career Coaching Packages

If you feel stuck in your current job want to learn more about how you can leverage your strengths and create a path to your career-of-choice, individual career coaching may be just for you. Our own, Tracy Celaya, president and principal consultant for GO Consulting Int’l, offers custom coaching packages. Visit our site to learn more and contact us about individual career coaching.