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Your experience, skills, and perception are valuable. Show them off! Hope your day is wonderful!
Well, just submitted the first draft of my full proposal to my committee chair...second giant hurdle in this journey and I'm super excited! Let the feedback and revisions begin!!! #dissertation #doctoralproposal #trustmeimalmostadoctor
Live by design and make things happen that you want in your life!
Goals are accomplished by taking action. What did you do today to move you towards your goals? Take 3 mins to think about tomorrow and what actions you can take to move you forward. When you wake up you'll be ready to go!
Proposal writing continues! If you're going for a doctorate degree here's a tip...start gathering references and citations from different academic resources at the beginning of your program and plan to write at least one sentence per day towards your proposal/dissertation from day one. It'll make the overall writing process a lot easier in the end. #tracycelaya #almostdrtracycelaya #dissertation #proposalwriting #dissertationoroblems
Everything worthwhile in life is work. But if it puts a smile on your face, it doesn't feel like work. Because it doesn't matter how much money you make that ultimately makes you happy. It's whether or not your work fulfills you. #tracycelaya #livebydesign
Daily norms... A great start to 2014!
Tell your story! The world needs your unique gifts and others can learn from your experience. Write a book, start a blog, speak to kids, speak at a seminar, journal, or get an Instagram page!
So true! A friend of mine told me about a strategy she uses by putting her I AM statements on an index card and reading them every morning first thing before she gets out of bed. I tried it and it certainly makes a difference in the outlook of my day! Try it sometime by putting 3-7 of them on an index card and read them before you pop out of bed. What is your favorite I AM affirmation?
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