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Often what people don’t understand is that diversity is far more than race and gender. Diversity includes valuing and leveraging the experience, cultural beliefs, abilities, work styles, and perspectives of others in the workforces. Identifying, hiring, developing, engaging, and leveraging a diverse workforce is, not only the right thing to do, but also the direction organizations must go for maintaining a competitive edge. Globalization provides accessibility to diverse talent all over the world and migration patterns means the workforce will further diversify. As the workforce integrates, organizational subcultures are formed and new markets open that require stronger leaders with high emotional intelligence.

The harmonization of the work environment and stakeholder interests can contribute to higher levels of performance in a global business, which is confirmed by research data.

A multigenerational and globally accessible workforce means leaders must have the ability to engage employees of varying ages, different backgrounds, unique perspectives, and different values.   Four generations in the workplace require leaders have the ability to communicate to older and younger workers with distinctly different communication styles and values. The ability to engage a multigenerational workforce poses a challenge for many leaders. An engaged workforce is more productive and profitable. Creating an inclusive work environment begins with understanding how the organization benefits from leveraging diverse talent. Leaders must be prepared to define what an inclusive workplace is for their respective organizations and able to create the respectful relationships required as a foundation to an inclusive workplace.

Support from executive leaders is necessary for middle managers to implement the strategies necessary as a diversity leader. However, the support from upper levels is waning. The lack of diverse leadership in the upper echelons of an organization carries a trickle-down effect throughout the organization impacting culture, engagement, productivity, and profitability.

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